PMP Practice Tests 2024

PMP Practice Tests 2024

Project Management Professional(PMP) Certification is one of the globally recognized project management certification offered by Project Management Institute. Project Management Professional(PMP) Certification is regarded as a gold standard for project management in which we study various best practices, industry recommended practices, industry proven practices, good practices etc. for successfully executing a project and achieve the project objectives.

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PMP Certification Overview:

Here we are going to understand the latest format of PMP exam and will study some free sample PMP Questions. The below given PMP mock test consists of only few select PMP questions which will help you to get an idea about what all different types of questions may be expected in PMP exam.

The PMP Exam questions are a combination of multiple-choice, multiple-responses, matching or Drag and Drop,  hotspot and limited fill-in-the blank types. Most of the questions will be of multiple-choice type. Here, we are going to explore few of Free PMP Practice test questions to help you understand how the questions in PMP Certification Exam are crafted to depict a project scenario and it is asked to make the right decision in the given scenario.


PMP Exam questions format:

As per the latest format of PMP exam, 50% of the questions will be based on traditional project management methodology and rest of the 50% questions will be based on Agile and Hybrid approaches.

PMP Exam Questions:

PMP Exam format

Free PMP Sample Questions:

We are going to have a glance at some of the questions based on traditional project management approach or waterfall approach, Agile approach and Hybrid approach so that you can get a fair idea about what sort of questions may be expected from these three different approaches of project management. These Free PMP Practice tests are going to help you have the best insight about what can be expected in the actual PMP Certification exam. As part of our PMP training program, you get access to numerous mock questions, answers and detailed explanation which aids to better prepare for PMP Exam and pass in first attempt.

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PMP Practice Tests

Free PMP Sample Question 1:

The project team is in the process of forming a scope baseline for their project. They need to create different components of Scope baseline. All of the following are the components of Scope baseline EXCEPT:

A. Scope Statement

B. Work Breakdown Structure

C. Scope Management Plan

D. WBS Dictionary

Answer: C. 

Explanation: The scope statement consists of detailed information about project and deliverable, in scope items, out of scope items and acceptance criteria. WBS is hierarchical breakdown of complete product scope. WBS dictionary is a supporting document which helps to understand each of the components and sub-components and work packages in WBS. Scope Management Plan only consists of an approach for managing Scope in the project, so this is not a component of Scope baseline.

Free PMP Sample Question 2:

The project team has created the deliverable and they have verified the same from their side. The team handed over the deliverable to customer team for further testing. The customer is involved in which of the below processes:

A. Control Quality

B. Control Scope

C. Baseline Scope

D. Validate Scope

Answer :D. 

Explanation: As part of Validate Scope process of Scope management, the customer validates the product or deliverable and provides sign-off.

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PMP Mock Tests

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Free PMP Sample Question 3:

A major risk occurred in the project in the last month and the team has implemented a change request to resolve the same. After 5 weeks, the problem recurred and the team is trying to find some work around to resolve the problem. What could have been done better in this scenario?

A. Following the change control procedure

B. Reviewing the effectiveness of risk response after it is implemented

C. Recreating the Risk Management Plan

D. Anticipating all possible risks in advance

Answer : B.

Explanation: As part of monitoring the risks, it is always a best practice to review the effectiveness of risk response after it is implemented to understand if the risk is completed resolved or is there any possibility of recurrence of the risks.

Free PMP Sample Question 4:

The project team has started working in traditional manner. Mid-way through the project, there a need felt to switch to Agile approach looking at the complexity of the scope. But none of the project team members have any knowledge about Agile. What would be the best of plan of action for project manager?

A. Utilizing the contingency reserves to get the training for the team

B. Utilizing the management reserves to get the training for the team

C. Planning an agile training only for technology experts who are going to be self-organizing

D. Arranging some online agile training for senior team members

Answer : B.

Explanation: The best plan of action would be to find out the most cost-effective way of getting training for all project team members and utilizing management reserves through change control procedure.  

Free PMP Sample Question 5:

The project team has performed some monitoring and controlling activities to assess the performance of the project and forecasted that the project cost may overrun by end of the project. What would be the best course of action as a project manager?

A. Discuss the matter immediately with sponsor and get the cost increased

B. Ask the team to compromise on scope

C. Negotiate with the customer to cut quality

D. Identify and manage the risks in cost estimates and re-estimate

Answer: D.

Explanation: Since the team has forecasted that the cost might overrun in future, the project manager should look for some ways to re-estimate and try to eliminate risks. Discussing the matter with sponsor and getting approval for additional cost could be done later if no other choice. Compromising on scope or quality is not the solution as it would impact the deliverable and customer expectations.

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Free PMP Sample Question 6:

The Pharmaceutical project which is being carried out has a cost performance index of 0.82 and a schedule performance index of 0.63. What can be determined from this?

A. The project's cost efficiency is good

B. The project's schedule efficiency is good

C. The critical path activity took longer and more cost than planned

D. The project is ahead of schedule

Answer: C.

Explanation: Since CPI is 0.82, cost efficiency is not good. since SPI is 0.63, the schedule efficiency is not good and the project is behind the schedule and over cost. This must have caused because of a critical path activity lagging behind and being over cost which impacted the project level parameters.

Free PMP Sample Question 7:

The project team is in the process of gathering the requirements from the stakeholders. All of the following may aid in gathering and collating requirements except:

A. Histogram

B. Questionaire

C. Mind maps

D. Affinity diagrams

Answer: A.

Explanation: Histogram is a tool which can be used analyze the data, represent the data as part of managing the quality in a project. Rest of the options can be used in collect requirements process.

Free PMP Sample Question 8:

The assignable cause or special cause signifies that the process is 

A. random

B. out of control 

C. rule of seven

D. rule of four

Answer: B.

Explanation: The assignable cause or special cause signifies that the process is out of control.

Free PMP Sample Question 9:

The project team wanted to focus on the causes which had potentially impacted the project and contributed to most of the issues. Which of the following can be an effective aid in this regard:

A. Pareto chart

B. Fish bone diagram

C. Why-Why analysis

D. Scatter plot

Answer: A.

Explanation: Pareto chart helps identify the root causes resulting in the most problems.

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Free PMP Sample Question 10:

Why it is important for the project team to plan quality instead of inspecting quality into?

A. It improves quality and is less expensive

B. It enhances quality and is more expensive

C. It reduces quality and is less expensive

D. It enhances quality and is less expensive

Answer : A.

Explanation: When quality is planned well, it helps the team to uncover most of the problems in early stages making the errors less expensive. thereby improving the quality.

Free PMP Sample Question 11:

According to Agile manifesto, which of the following are more valued items?

A. Working software, Customer collaboration, contract negotiation, responding to change 

B. Working software, Customer collaboration, contract negotiation, responding to change

C. Working software, Customer collaboration, Individuals and interactions, responding to change

D. Working software, Individuals and interactions, contract negotiation, Following a plan

Answer: C.

Explanation: The items mentioned in option C are more valued items as per Agile Manifesto.

Free PMP Sample Question 12:

In an Agile project management, the stakeholder engagement, the product backlog management and release planning are the responsibilities of:

A. The development team

B. The Scum master

C. Project team

D. The product Owner

Answer: D.

Explanation: The Product Owner is responsible for  product backlog management, release management and stakeholder engagement.

Free PMP Sample Question 13:

A person leading the responsibilities in a project having no authority but being responsible for the project documentation is :

A. The Project Manager

B. The Project Expeditor

C. The Project Leader

D. The Project Co-ordinator

Answer: B.

Explanation: The project expeditor is responsible for project documentation and has no authority in the project.

Free PMP Sample Question 14:

The resource management plan consists of :

i. Role and responsibilities

ii. Names of the team members

iii. Training, Team development

iV. process for acquiring the resources

A. i, ii and iii

B. ii, iii and iv

C. i, iii and iv

D. All of the above

Answer: C.

Explanation: The Resource management plan consists of all the details on how we are going to estimate, acquire and manage both physical and team resources but it won't consist of the resource names.

Free PMP Sample Question 15:

The project manager is concerned about setting the norms for the team. The following document is the working agreement developed by project manager together with team.

A. Resource calendars

B. Resource breakdown structure

C. Resource management plan

D. Team charter

Answer: D.

Explanation: Team charter is the working agreement developed by team containing operating guidelines for the team.

Free PMP Sample Question 16:

The highest point of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is:

A. Esteem

B. Need for belongingness

C. Self-actualization

D. Physiological needs

Answer: C.

Explanation: In the pyramid of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the highest level of needs is self-actualization.

Free PMP Sample Question 17:

In a construction project, there a large number of stakeholders involved and there are conflicts going on between the various resources of the project. The leader is trying to find a solution for the ongoing conflicts. Which of the following would generate the long lasting solution for the problem?

A. Withdraw

B. Compromise

C. Smoothing

D. Collaborate

Answer: D. 

Explanation: Collaborate or problem-solving technique is going to help resolve the conflict and generate a long lasting solution.

Free PMP Sample Question 18:

the project owner has complained that the deliverable is not aligned with the design. This problem has occurred in the last 3 sprints too. What would be the best course of action as a project manager to avoid that problem in future?

A. Discuss the problem in the next iteration retrospective meeting

B. Address the problem as part of iteration review meeting

C. Try to address the problem in the immediate next daily standup

D. Get the design team involved to make deliverable aligned with the design

Answer: A.

Explanation: Since the problem has been recurring multiple times, the team needs to discuss and find some fool proof solution in the next retrospective. Iteration review or daily standup are not the right forums to find solution for some recurring problem. Self-organization development team and not the design team are responsible for finding the solution to the problem.

Free PMP Sample Question 19:

A project team is formed and they know each other and also got to know about all the details of the project. The team members have started working with each other and interacting with each other but facing many conflicts due to various diversities such as geographic location, culture, background, age, attitude, race etc. The team is in which stage of team development?

A. Forming

B. Norming

C. Storming

D. Performing

Answer: C.

Explanation: The team is in storming stage as the there are many conflicts between the resources due to lack of trust and co-operation.

Free PMP Sample Question 20:

The project manager suggested to switch to agile approach mid-way through the project life cycle since they need to deliver early the deliverable. The team is asked to follow Agile practice and principles in their way of working. 

How can project manager assist the team to bring agility in the project?

A. Try to redefine the communication by removing unwanted layers of communications

B. Introduce team with new templates and formats for creating project documents

C. Design more formalized ways of communication in the project

D. Ask each team member to talk to you before they talk to any other project stakeholder

Answer: A.

Explanation: Agile recommends more and more face to face interaction. Agile recommends more and more direct interactions with the individuals instead of following heavy weight and time-consuming processes.

PMP Practice Tests


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