Free CAPM Exam Questions 2024

Free CAPM Exam Questions 2024

CAPM®(Certified Associate in Project Management) is one of the most valued project management certification across various industries. CAPM helps project management aspirants to lay a stepping stone in their project management journey. If one is not eligible for PMP (Project Management Professional) and wishes to learn and implement project management best practices in their projects, CAPM is the way out.

Project Management January 6, 2024

Free CAPM® Exam Questions and Answers 2024 as per latest format | Access to CAPM Exam Simulators to Practice for CAPM Exam:

CAPM®(Certified Associate in Project Management) is covers all the content required for learning project management practices for increased successfuly projects. At CertifyEra, we teach the step-by-step approach to successfully prepare and pass CAPM Exam in the very first attempt. One of the key steps to pass CAPM exam in first attempt is to practice a lot with numerous CAPM sample questions and answers. And practing the CAPM Mock questions as per the latest format is important too.


As PMI continually enhances and introduces changes in CAPM Exam, they have released the new format for CAPM exam a few months back which is now in practice.

To know the latest format of CAPM Exam and understand the new changes in CAPM Exam, please follow the below link.

Latest CAPM Exam Format

Free CAPM® Practice Exam Questions and Answers 2024 as per latest format:

CAPM EXAM Question No. 1:

A change has been requested by the project team to fix a problem by bringing the future performance of the project in line with the project management plan. Such as request is called _________________________.

A. Corrective Action

B. Submitted change request

C. Supportive Action

D. Preventive Action

Answer : A

Explanation: A change request that fixes the problem by bringing the future performance inline with the project management plan is a corrective action. An action that reduces the negative consequence of risks is a preventive action. A submitted change request can be a corrective action, preventive action or defect repair.or an update to formally controlled documents. There is no change request defined as a supportive action.

CAPM EXAM Question No. 2:

Impact/Influence grid is a tool and technique used in ___________________________.

A. Monitoring the Stakeholder engagement tasks

B. Manage Stakeholder engagement tasks

C. Plan Stakeholder engagement tasks

D. Identify Stakeholders tasks

Answer : A

Explanation: Impact/Influence grid is a data representation technique used for classifying the stakeholders after they have been identified. This happens in the Identify Stakeholders process.

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CAPM EXAM Question No. 3:

A project manager had a complex problem to solve and facilitated a team decision about what needed to be done. A few months later, the problem resurfaced. What did the project manager most likely not do?

A. Perform proper risk analysis

B. Confirm the decision solved the problem

C. Have the project sponsor validate the decision

D. Use an lshikawa diagram

Answer : B

Explanation: Notice the phrasing of this question, “most likely not do.” Expect to .see questions worded on the exam in ways that can cause you to misinterpret them. You will also see questions about things we forget to do in the real world. “Who has time,u you might say, “to determine if each problem is really solved?” One could respond with, “Who has time not to do this ? Who has time to deal with the same problem twice?” The final steps of problem-solving include implementing a decision, reviewing it, and confirming that the decision solved the problem.

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CAPM EXAM Question No. 4:

In a meeting to gain approval of the quality management plan, a stakeholder points out what he believes to be an error in the plan. He notes that the plan including some of the same techniques in more than one of the quality processes. Which of the following quality management techniques can be used in two of the three quality management processes.

A. Cause and effect

B. Interviews

C. Checksheets

D. Logical Data Model

Answer : A

Explanation: Interviews are used in Plan Quality Management to identify existing standards, processes, and metrics-or to create new ones. A logical data model is also used in Plan Quality Management. Its purpose is to help the team understand the requirements, and define the appropriate quality management processes. Checksheets are used in Control quality to track data such as type and frequency of quality problems uncovered during inspections. Cause and effect diagrams are used in ‘Manage Quality’ to confirm the policies, procedures and metrics. In ‘Control quality’, cause-and-effect diagrams are used to uncover the root cause of a variation in the quality of deliverables.

CAPM EXAM Question No. 5:

Standard deviation is a measure of :

A. How far the estimate is from the highest estimate

B. How far the measurement is from mean

C. How correct the sample is

D. How much time remains in the project

Answer : B

Explanation: Standard deviation is the measurement of the range around the mean.

CAPM EXAM Question No. 6:

A successful project manager is required to use knowledge, skills, and abilities in a number of different areas of expertise. Planning ability is very important, as is the ability to execute, manager and control the project according to the project management plan. Which area of expertise is most important for a project manager?

A. Communication

B. Team building

C. Technical expertise

D. Project Control

Answer : A

Explanation: Project manager can spend  90 percent of their time communicating, so the correct choice must be communication.

CAPM EXAM Question No. 7:

A project manager at a large consulting firm is asked to report on the actual project results versus planned results. The project is going well, and the marketing department wants to see if the current results can be used in a future marketing campaign. This project manager should prepare a:

A. Trend report

B. Forecasting report

C. Status report

D. Variance report

Answer : D

CAPM Batch Schedule

Explanation: This situation describes the need to compare. A trend report shows performance over time. A forecasting report looks only to the future. A status report is generally static (relating to a moment in time). The only choice that compares project results is a variance analysis.

CAPM EXAM Question No. 8:

You are managing a project in a just in time environment. This will require more attention because the amount of inventory in such an environment is generally:

A. 45 percent

B. 10 percent

C. 5 percent

D. 0 percent

Answer : D

Explanation: In a Just-in time environment, supplies are delivered when you need them and not before. Therefore, you have little or no inventory

CAPM EXAM Question No. 9:

Though all of the following techniques are used to solve problems in projects, which one do you consider to be the BEST?

A. Collaborating

B. Smoothing

C. Directing

D. Reconciling

Answer : A

Explanation: Confronting the problem using Collaborating / problem-solving approach is the best technique because the focus is on understanding and removing the root cause of the problem. Even if the root cause is not fully removed, the knowledge of its impact is very useful in managing it.

CAPM Practice Tests

CAPM EXAM Question No. 10:

Source Selection criteria are used to:

A. Evaluate the performance of the project

B. Measure the conformance to quality for the project

C. Select a qualified seller from a pool of short-listed ones

D. Check if the project should be undertaken by your organization

Answer : C

Explanation: Source Selection Criteria is an important tool used to select a qualified seller from a pool of short-listed candidates.

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